Tebow CURE Hospital celebrates 1,000 admissions

Week by week, we wear our happy faces as we welcome kids from all over the Philippines who get admitted at the Tebow CURE Hospital. Monday is admissions day, and we take time to get to know children and their families as they hope to get healed from physical disabilities.

Two and a half years after opening our doors at the Tebow CURE Hospital, the record officially shows over 1,000 patients admitted!

1,000 kids like Janua, who now walks free of clubfoot!


Photos by: Hope Kim Doit and Marlene Bray

1,000 kids like Frank, who now has the biggest smile without cleft lip!


Photo by Hope Kim Doit.

1,000 kids like Rizz Ann, who used to have bullies but now has best buddies.


Photo by: Marlene Bray

1,000 kids like Lezill, who became a spokesperson for kids with disabilities.


Photo by: Marlene Bray

For two and a half years, we have reached kids from different ethnic backgrounds who share one common dream: to become disability free! This milestone of 1,000 admissions would not have been possible without our ministry partners, including the Sacred Harvest Foundation and the Tim Tebow Foundation, who both share our passion of physical and spiritual healing for children in the Philippines. Can you imagine what the following years will look like? Neither can we! We know that we are just getting started, and we will continue to share God’s love to the CUREkids that walk through our doors daily!

Photo of the CURE International Canada

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