ICU Construction at CURE Uganda

Story By Abby Watrous 

Earlier this year, prior to the spread of COVID-19 to Uganda, CURE Uganda celebrated the groundbreaking ceremony for their new Intensive Care Unit (ICU), with special guests from the CURE Canada board and Guatemala. 

The number of patients coming to CURE Uganda has grown significantly the past few years, increasing by over 40% prompting the development of a Master Site Plan to improve the hospital facilities. The ICU serves every patient who has surgery at CURE Uganda. Each patient generally spends one or two nights in the ICU after surgery for close monitoring. We’ve worked with Engineering Ministries International (EMI) and Creations Consult Africa to design an expanded facility to double the capacity of our ICU. The new building will have 19 beds with updated medical equipment to address the needs of our vulnerable patients. We will build this in tandem with the expansion of our children’s ward and renovate our existing ICU into a caregiver’s dormitory and patient hostel.  

The ICU Groundbreaking Ceremony began in the chapel with a lively and joyful time of worship led by the CURE Uganda choir. Then, Executive Director Tim Erickson shared some thoughts on Psalm 127:1, “Unless the Lord builds the house, the builders labor in vain.” Tim encouraged everyone by reminding us of God’s great provisions. In 2018, the CURE Uganda Master Site Plan was developed by faith, and now, we are seeing God’s provision of necessary resources bringing these dreams into reality! 

Next, everyone proceeded and gathered in a circle near the current ICU building. Founding board member Mama Angelina Wapakabulo and visiting pastors, Pr. Apollo Mwenyi and Bishop Andrew Mutengu joined us for the celebration and took turns sharing their prayers for God’s blessing over this land and this new project. 

Duane Cressman, Chairman of CURE Canada’s Board, shared a heavenly perspective with the group: “…we’re celebrating today, but can you imagine what eternity is going to look like, when we all get together, and the little ones who God has healed here, and the families who have come to know that healing, saving, forgiving grace of our Lord Jesus Christ? We will all celebrate for eternity, and this is the start of it here. We’re just so grateful to be a part of that.”

CURE Senior Spiritual Director, Earnest Kioko, leads prayer at the site.

Rev. Earnest closed the dedication with prayer. “Lord, we are grateful for what you have been doing through this place. We worship you, King of Glory, because you are reminding us of one reality, that Lord, without you, we are nothing. But with you, God, we can do immeasurably more. And therefore, King of Glory, we thank you for this ground on which we stand. A testimony that you are still in action, and you are already at work, just waiting for us to join you!”

We are excited about the things that God is doing and what He is going to do in the future for the establishment of His kingdom in this place. It is our prayer that the Lord continues to be pleased by the service we offer and that he will continue to heal and to save his people on this platform.”

ICU Groundbreaking ceremony at CURE Uganda

Special thanks to Brian Kaaya for additional photos and Dickson Twinamatsiko for the drone shots.

Photo of the Heidi Isaac

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