The need for children’s medical care in Malawi

Malawi is known as “The Warm Heart of Africa” due to its warm culture and loving people. The people are warm and loving with much courage and perseverance — the national symbol of Malawi is a lion, representing the courage and fight of the people. They are strong in the midst of hardships including a high infant mortality rate, poverty, food insecurity, high unemployment, and the continued ravaging of HIV/AIDS throughout the country.

The people of Malawi are accustomed to living a simple life and spend significantly less time connected to technology due to the lack of resources and money. As a result, they use 99% less electricity and consume 98% less oil than the rest of the world. Due to poverty and lack of resources, most do not own vehicles, nor do they travel on public transportation, and they are accustomed to walking everywhere.

Malawi has an estimated population of 21 million people (as of July 2020). CURE International estimates that nearly 480,000 children live with treatable disabilities in Malawi.  With only 3.6 physicians per 100,000 people, compared to the United States at 261.2 physicians per 100,000 people, CURE Malawi is instrumental in bringing excellent, specialized medical care to the country while proclaiming the kingdom of God.

CURE International operates the CURE Children’s Hospital of Malawi, an orthopedic hospital in Blantyre, Malawi, which provides free surgery to children suffering from orthopedic conditions and free physiotherapy to help children rehabilitate after surgery.

Jacquireen represents one of the 480,000 children needing orthopedic services living in Malawi. Jacquireen was an outcast in her community at a very young age due to the bone in her leg that unusually stuck out. She spent her breaks alone during school because the other children did not want to play with her.

Jacquireen was diagnosed with pseudarthrosis, where the cells around her bone are weak. Her bones tend to act like a joint in motion, which causes them to fracture easily. She spent eleven years with her bones malformed due to a fall. It took several years of treatment to correct and strengthen her bones at CURE Malawi. During that time, Jacquireen could often be found sitting on her hospital bed reading God’s word. The Bible is her favorite book to read, and she holds God’s truths close to her heart.Jacquireen before surgeryJacquireen after surgery

Her journey was long and painful, but her heart always remained close to God. In July, she walked out of CURE Malawi for the last time! Jacquireen’s mom told us, “I strongly believe that my daughter would have never been able to walk and be transformed into the beautiful, hopeful, and Christ-natured girl she is if it had not been for CURE.” She will be able to go back to school, help with family duties, and be a normal girl in her community. She left the hospital with a smile on her face and a new song in her heart. She is forever grateful for the support and prayers from the CURE community.

Malawi is a country of hope. The people are open to God’s word and are thankful for the impact CURE Malawi has on their community. CURE Malawi will continue to spread the word, offering its services to those in great need while also bringing the good news to their people. The smiles on children’s faces when they realize that they can live normal lives and no longer be outcast from society is priceless! God is a miracle-working God, and with your prayers and financial support, we can continue to heal His children so that they can experience peace, joy, and a bright future.

“Truly I tell you, whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers and sisters of mine, you did for me.” Matthew 25:40

Children living in Malawi

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