Patients, Community Members and Government Officials Celebrate 10+ Years of CURE Niger

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CURE Niger is more than a hospital for the people of Niger. In a country ranked last in the world for development according to the UN’s 2020 Human Development Index, where the healthcare infrastructure is not even close to meeting the needs of its citizens, CURE Niger is a place of hope for thousands of children and their families every year.

Since 2010 when CURE Niger first opened its doors to serve the underserved, it has improved access to care through 37,755 patient visits, 6,694 surgical procedures performed, and 24,692 people that have heard the good news of the gospel shared with them.

A celebration of this good work was due — overdue actually, as COVID-19 forced the 10 year anniversary celebration last year to be pushed back until the 11th year anniversary when we could safely celebrate together.

“There was nothing ordinary about September 15th at CURE Niger. After missing last year’s anniversary the mood was ripe for a great celebration.” — Mr. George Găvruș, CURE Niger Executive Director.

A crowd at the CURE Niger Hospital on Wednesday, September 15, 2021 to hear speeches from Niger’s Minister of Public Health Dr. Idi Illiasou Mainassara, Minister of Land Management and Community Development Mr. Maman Ibrahim Mahaman, CURE International President / CEO Mr. Justin Narducci, and CURE Niger Executive Director Mr. George Găvruș. 

CURE International has strategically integrated itself into the local healthcare landscape by working closely with the Ministry of Health, the Nigerien Federation of People with Disabilities, and the rest of the Nigerien government. We also work to advocate for people with disabilities, and especially children with disabilities and their families — striving to demonstrate the principles of Christ-like love and inclusion.

We frequently partner with local churches and other NGOs/mission organizations. For example, a visiting surgeon from Mercy Ships recently provided extra surgical care and training at CURE Niger. CBM enables us to reach more children through a partnership that identifies kids in need of surgery living in IDP camps. We partner with Smile Train in restoring smiles to children with cleft lips and palates. 

CURE Niger was privileged to deploy a solar energy project funded by a grant from USAID ASHA which provides electrical stability and enables the hospital to run more efficiently​​. Last year, an additional ASHA construction project was announced that will expand the hospital’s operating rooms, medical equipment, and improve its current solar energy system.

“We have accomplished so much in the past 11 years, and by the grace of God we look forward to many more years of collaboration and partnership together with the Government of Niger, with our partners, and all for the benefit of the population of Niger.” — Mr. Justin Narducci, President / CEO of CURE International.

As essential as our work has been, CURE is planning for an explosion in demand for our services in the coming years. The United Nations expects Niger’s population of nearly 23 million to nearly triple by 2050 to more than 65 million, setting a world record for population growth. Today, 50.12% of Nigeriens are under the age of 15, a higher proportion than any other country in the world.

While we are blessed to have come as far as we have, the need is growing. We want to continue to reach more vulnerable children living with treatable disabilities to provide surgical and spiritual care.

About CURE Niger

As the least developed country in the world, Niger’s healthcare infrastructure isn’t resourced to meet the needs of its population of nearly 23 million people. The CURE Children’s Hospital of Niger is the only hospital in the country that offers specialty surgical care for children with physical disabilities. Since opening its doors in 2010, CURE Niger has been dedicated to treating disabling conditions such as clubfoot, burn contractures, cleft lips and palates, and other orthopedic conditions. Additionally, the hospital offers a full range of ancillary and rehabilitation services. CURE Niger has two operating rooms, 25 hospital beds and a hostel to house patients with long term recovery needs that live far from the hospital.

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