Margaret’s Updates


Margaret’s come back for some physiotherapy and Physiotherapist Ndapile says, “I’m going to discharge her from here, she’s been seeing the physio locally and she’s walking really well, she just needs a shoe raise and will stop limping… she even left the crutches over there and just walked!” <p> Margaret says, “I passed my exams! I was #6 in my class and I’m going into Standard 7 now! Physiotherapy and walking is going well. I’ve been walking without the crutches but then I’m afraid I’m not supposed to so I pick them up and use them again until I forget! My six siblings visit me at boarding school… we don’t play anything in particular, just have good chats.” Both Margaret and her mom requested prayer for the upcoming school year for the family and that God would work out the details. She will be seen for follow up at our outreach clinic in Balaka on Aug 22nd by our doctors, thank you for your continued prayers for her!


Margaret has come in with a new fancy and colorful dress! Physio Ndapile says, “She’s doing really, really well. I was surprised.” Because of the special boarding school she goes to for kids with special needs and disabilities, she has a session of physiotherapy every day which is having an effect! She can even walk well without her crutches. She has a slight limp so Ndapile told her to continue working with the physiotherapists at school and we’ll see her during her next school holiday in August. Thank you for your prayers!


Margaret came in for a checkup and some physiotherapy today with her mom! She’s doing well, but the physiotherapy students say she still needs to keep on using her crutches. She won’t need another operation anytime soon, but she still needs to be diligent with her walking exercises. We’ll see her again April 3rd!

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