Thokozani’s Updates


Thokozani says, “Before my leg was corrected, my friends were laughing at me, they would make fun of me, but now they are my friends. They are amazed at what has happened. When I came back from the hospital and they saw me for the first time, they were so surprised that now I’m able to walk, and they’re no longer laughing at me and are happy for me.” <p> We went and visited Thokozani a couple weeks ago and forgot to update you all! A short-term mission team from the US went with us to see Thoko and his family. We got to meet his whole family, and he showed us how now he can play Pada (similar to hopscotch) and jump! Check out his profile for a picture of him with his family! <p> His dad, Shawa, says, “Before, he could go to school by himself, but it was difficult because he was in pain and it was far. Now he is able to go to school without difficulties and he is also able to ride a bicycle on his own. All the shame, all the laughing, all the mockery is gone, and that has brought a sigh of relief to our family because I’m able to do other things, other business as he is able to go to school. So I thank God we were able to go to the hospital and we have managed to get this help, today we are so thankful! I am so grateful for what CURE is doing, my child was treated for free. I am so thankful today my son’s leg is okay.”


Thoko’s back and doing great! He says he’s walking without crutches and going to school. His dad says, “I am very, very happy. Thokozani has truly been helped.” We don’t know if they’ve decided on having another frame to lengthen his leg, but he still needs time to heal before that’s possible anyways so we imagine they’ll wait to make that choice! Please continue to pray for him.


Thokozani had his frame off yesterday! He’s quite excited and is already walking around really well! He’ll get to go home today, so we decided to take an after photo as soon as possible and asked him to come outside… this is one of the outtakes – he was doing some pretty funny poses! His leg is still quite a bit shorter than the other one, so Dr. James is giving him the option in six months after it’s healed to get another frame to lengthen it and make them equal… unfortunately he’d have to wear it for four months to make them equal. He has a lot of time to decide if he wants that or just wants to have a shoe raise, but either way we’ll see him in six months for some sort of operation as he will need the growth stopped in the other leg to keep it from getting worse if he decides against the frame. Please be praying for wise decisions for his future! We’ll see him in clinic on April 9th!

Photo of the CURE International Canada

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