After Surgery at CURE, Plasdus Can Run Pain-Free!

Thanks to generous supporters of CURE’s mission, the emotional and physical pain Plasdus endured because of his treatable disability didn’t last a lifetime!

Plasdus was born in Zambia with a

Plasdus was born in Zambia with a bowed leg, causing his knee to bend outward. Walking was painful, and his classmates’ taunts drove him to tears. Despite the physical and emotional pain he endured, Plasdus persevered and attended school.

But Plasdus’s mother, Mirriam, feared taking him to a hospital for help because people had told her the doctors would only make his condition worse. So she and her family accepted that Plasdus’s leg would be bent forever.

Then they discovered CURE!

Mirriam heard from a friend that CURE Zambia had highly skilled doctors who would help Plasdus at no cost to their family. Everything she’d heard was true—surgeons straightened Plasdus’s leg with surgery and CURE provided comprehensive care with physical therapy and crutches to help him learn to walk on his newly straightened leg. He also received emotional support and learned about the love of Jesus from CURE Zambia’s spiritual ministry team!

Today Plasdus is thriving and walks pain-free. He even has a team of friends who celebrate his newfound mobility with him.

We’re grateful for our supporters worldwide whose generosity makes it possible for Plasdus and other children at CURE hospitals to receive the life-changing surgery they desperately need.

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