Bowed Legs



Sarah’s Story

“I have never had peace, ever since the beginning. People in my community mock and make fun of my daughter Sarah’s condition. This worries me a lot and I end up arguing with them and sometimes fighting them, so this has resulted in having poor relationships with my neighbors,” says Sarah’s mother Monica.

Sarah, who is now 14, first came to CURE in 2009. “My daughter was born normal, but when she was five years old both her legs bowed so I took her to a public hospital were they referred us here to CURE in 2009. They operated on her then and her legs were straightened, but unfortunately her left leg bowed again after two years. When we noticed that her leg was bending again, I was unable to take her to hospital again to follow up because at that time we didn’t have money,” says Monica.

Sarah and Monica finally came back in January of 2018, but after realizing that Sarah would need a time-intensive frame put on her leg, they decided to go home and come back now, in June.

“When we decided to come here again I thought they will just give her another cast since they already operated on her, I didn’t think they would give her a frame. My daughter was about to sit for Primary School Leaving Certificate (PSLC), so I feared that the treatment will disturb her studies, so I suggested that we come here again in June after her exams.”

Sarah had a different opinion about the treatment and said, “I want to start the treatment as soon as possible, I have been suffering with my leg for so long, when I walk longer distances it hurts a lot, so I want to be treated even though the treatment is painful. I have seen how my friend Aisha with a frame was crying when they were tuning her frame, I know I will be crying like her, but I want to feel the pain now not later. I want to be an ambassador when I grow up and I want to work in Egypt in a Malawian embassy.” Unfortunately for Sarah, her mother had the final word and she went home to finish her exams, but now she’s back for her surgery!

Please join us in praying for Sarah and Monica as Sarah has her surgery this week to have a frame put on her leg, which will slowly manipulate her leg straight!







Photo Gallery of Sarah’s Journey