Join Us

Now that you know what CURE does, you want to do something to help.

We understand the feeling. (And we think it’s awesome.)

So, what can you do? Lots of things. Check out the ideas below for things you can do in real life.

Things you can do in real life:

Hang out with our kids

You’ll go on a short-term mission trip to changes lives, but the life that changes most might be your own. Whether you are a medical professional or part of a church group or just one person who wants to make a difference, there’s an opportunity to do so on a short-term trip with CURE.

GO with CURE

Inspire your campus

Are you a college student who is passionate about what CURE does? Start a CURE U chapter at your university and become part of the nationwide movement of college students who are dedicated to making healing happen.

Learn about CURE U

Ignite your church’s generosity

Churches around the country are joining together with CURE to make a difference for our kids. Think your congregation would be a good fit? Check out what Church Partnerships at CURE look like.

Discover Church Partnerships

Apply for a job

We are always looking for talented, passionate people who want to join us in healing the sick and proclaiming the kingdom of God. Whether you want to work in finance at our headquarters in Pennsylvania or spend a year as a photojournalist in Ethiopia or practice medicine at a CURE Hospital, we have a variety of openings that may interest you.

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