Kids are walking because you are giving.

We can’t think of any better way to put it: your dollars literally change lives. We see it happen every day.

Mourtalla can dance. Lauri can dream. Joy is alive.

CURE is passionate about healing children with physical disabilities in the developing world and sharing the gospel with them and their families. That’s exactly what we do now, but we depend on people just like you to make that a reality.

Since 1996, we have healed hundreds of thousands of children. But for every Mourtalla, every Lauri, every Joy, there are so many more who are still waiting for healing.

End the wait for a child in need today.

Ways to Give


Be a hero to our CUREkids with a monthly donation of $39 or more. Each month, your donation will help a child in one of our hospitals. Over the course of a year, you’ll be a part of helping 12 different children!

Get Started

Donate Securities

Donations of securities and mutual funds can be made to CURE through our partner,

Donate Securities

Fund a Surgery

Your gift of $1,000 will complete the funding for an surgery for a child in one of our hospitals.