The Instant Sorority

Imagine suddenly being considered a freak.

It’s because of your baby.

Your baby was fine … until she wasn’t. Her head started growing to inexplicable proportions. You’ve never seen anything like it. Neither has your husband, who calls you cursed and abandons you. Your community, your family turn their backs on you, too.

You are utterly alone.

What did I do to deserve this? What will happen to my baby?

You find out about a place of healing, run by followers of Jesus. It’s your last chance. Maybe their God can do something?

When you arrive … you and your baby are welcomed. You sit in the waiting area, look around … and there’s another dozen moms, all with babies like yours.

They smile.

They gesture to you to sit next to them. There’s a knowing look. They’re laughing and talking with each other.

When I saw this happening at CURE in Uganda, Dr. Ben Warf said, “This is what we call ‘The Instant Sorority.'”

moms and babies in CURE Uganda waiting area
mothers and babies in the CURE Uganda waiting area

It reminded me of what church can be like.

A group of humbled people, banding together, saying, “We see you. We’ve been there, too. Come sit with us.”

Healing is so much more than physical.

Thank you again for being part of this. There’s not much like it in the whole world. What a great expression of who Jesus is!

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About the Author:

Brant Hansen is a radio host and speaker for CURE. Brant is no stranger to CURE; he has partnered with CURE a number of times as a radio personality doing on-air campaigns to raise money and awareness for the organization. A graduate of the University of Illinois School of Journalism, Brant has been on the radio for over twenty years, both as a talk show host and later as a host in the contemporary Christian sector. In addition, Brant is a published author, with two books: "Unoffendable" and "Blessed are the Misfits." Brant is an enthusiast of burnt toast, accordions, and robots.