May 2020 Prayer Guide

We Have a Caring God. 

Greetings fellow intercessor and thanks for your persistence in prayer. As we soldier on, let’s be encouraged to know we have a caring God. 

Looking at the story of the Israelites, it’s possible to think that God neglected or forgot His covenant in the 400 years of Israel’s slavery in Egypt, since the time of the patriarchs. Nevertheless, God was at work during that time, preserving and multiplying the nation. As a caring God, when the right time came, He called and commissioned Moses to lead the deliverance process.

During their conversation in Exodus 3, verse 7-8 points us to some specific words God wanted Moses and Israelites to know to emphasize He had compassionate care for them. These words revealed His character as: 

(a) One who SEES. “The Lord said to Moses, I have indeed seen the misery of my people in Egypt…” v7a

(b) One who HEARS. God confirmed that “He heard them crying out because of their slave drivers…” v7b

(c) One who is CONCERNED. He said, “…and I am concerned about their suffering” (v7c)

(d) As one who RESPONDS. “So I have come down to rescue them from the hand of the Egyptians and to bring them up out of that land into a good and spacious land, a land flowing with milk and honey….” v8a.

As we lift this month’s prayer items and praises to the Lord, let us be encouraged our God is still the same yesterday, today, and forever. Let’s approach Him with confidence for He sees, hears, is concerned, and will respond to our cries. And, may we live to encounter and experience His character manifested through these prayers in Jesus’ name. 


Ernest Kioko
CURE Senior Director, Spiritual Ministry


Please pray for the containment of the coronavirus and for the health and safety of our co-workers, volunteers, visitors, and patients.

CURE Ethiopia

  • Praise God for his protection of our patients and coworkers every day
  • Pray for our patients who need transportation to come and see their doctor for follow up
  • Pray for those who are experiencing pain
  • Pray for provision of transportation expenses as the price has doubled to travel
  • Pray for travelers safety as many of our patients travel a long distance
  • Pray for Ethiopia – peace and stability
  • Pray for wisdom and guidance for our leaders on the adequate handling of COVID-19
  • Pray for our coworker, Berhane, who lost her husband recently

CURE Zambia

  • Pray for a smooth transition for our Executive Director
  • Pray for God’s intervention in eradicating COVID-19 so that we can share the gospel with more people
  • Pray for courage and strength among coworkers during this COVID period
  • Pray for our coworker, Natashia, who lost her father on May 10th

CURE Malawi

  • Pray for peace for the country of Malawi as we approach Presidential elections in July – there have been incidences of violence in some parts of Malawi.
  • Pray for CURE Malawi during the transition process during COVID-19
  • Pray for the patients that are waiting for operations and are becoming anxious

CURE Kenya

  • Praise God that we still have some patients showing up for services
  • Pray for the people affected, who are sick and suffering the effects of coronavirus
  • Pray for our doctors and nurses as they are on the front lines serving patients
  • Pray for the leaders of nations to have wise and effective decisions during this time
  • Pray for God’s will to be done and that the gospel is spread wide and far
  • Pray that God will overrule the plans of Satan and grant us peace
  • Pray for patients’ healing and grace for those who are no longer receiving clinic services
  • Pray for CURE Kenya staff to be safe whether in their homes or at the hospital

CURE Philippines

  • Pray that God sustains CURE Philippines so that we can continue our operations
  • Pray that God will continue to use the Spiritual Ministry Team as we minister to the staff, patients, families, and community during this very difficult time.
  • Pray for good health, strength, wisdom, comfort, and peace for all the members of our Senior Management Team as they make very difficult decisions.

CURE Niger

  • Praise God for our patient Rabiou who came back to CURE for follow up. He had some difficulties with his cast but has been healed.
  • Praise God for our patients who reached their homes safely after a long wait due to COVID-19
  • Pray for the Spiritual Department Team as we work on the best approach to minister during this time – pray for wisdom and guidance from the Holy Spirit

CURE Uganda

  • Pray that COVID may be suppressed by the power of God
  • Pray for the management to handle the circumstances we are going through with wisdom from the Lord
  • Pray for Uganda as we are still in lockdown. People are hungry, no longer earn money, and can not purchase food.
  • Pray for peace in this crisis
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