Mobile Clinics Bring Ministry to the Margins

Watch this video to see how our mobile clinics reach children in remote regions.

Baby Patricia was born with hydrocephalus—a life-threatening buildup of fluid on the brain. The first thing any parent would do? Seek quality medical care. With neurosurgery, Patricia has a good chance of leading a full, productive life.

But Patricia lives in South Sudan, where there is no hospital equipped to provide the care she needs. Without surgery, she will likely die.

Unfortunately, in the countries where CURE serves, Patricia’s story is not unique. Hundreds of thousands of children live with disabilities, and some will be fatal if not treated. For children living in the most remote, impoverished regions, reaching or affording medical care is nearly impossible.

CURE Uganda nurse Nora treats baby Patricia (pictured with her mom, Angelo) at the mobile clinic in South Sudan.

Reaching the Unreached

In response, CURE sends our doctors and ministry leaders into remote villages, war-torn regions, and refugee camps to find children living with disabilities like clubfoot, cleft lip, and untreated burns. Once there, we set up mobile clinics to address medical needs, share God’s Word, and refer children in need of surgery to CURE hospitals.

Strategic partners, like World Vision and Mission Aviation Fellowship (MAF), allow CURE to reach children living at the margins and hidden from the world—children like Patricia.

Dr. Maluki provides needed medical care to a young girl in remote northern Kenya.

MAF flew CURE Uganda’s medical and ministry teams across the border to set up a clinic in South Sudan—the world’s newest country, where healthcare is limited and more than two-thirds need humanitarian assistance. That’s where our story intersects with Patricia.

She received surgery at CURE Uganda, and the mobile clinic in South Sudan provides her with the continuous care she needs. Her mom, Angelo, says, “I can see [she] will grow into a remarkable girl . . . I am reminded that nothing is impossible with God!”

Hope into Hard Places

Traveling by car, plane, boat, and on foot, mobile clinic teams have brought much-needed medical screenings to 75,596 children in approximately 300 villages and towns. Generosity from partners like you has reached children in Malawi’s largest refugee camp. It has served children fleeing terrorism in Niger. And, it has flown life-changing care to the most remote villages in Kenya, where it reaches kids like Arfon (below).

Arfon sustained a burn as an infant that, as it healed, fused her skin together. Unable to access quality medical care, she lived with limited mobility for 12 years until a CURE Kenya medical team reached her. After surgery, she has full use of her arm and a future full of possibility!

CURE is grateful for generous supporters who help us reach and serve children with treatable disabilities in the most challenging and undeserved regions of the world.

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