A Limb Condition



Evelista’s Story

“Evelista is a beautiful daughter that God has blessed me with. I’m so happy to have such a charming and wonderful girl for a daughter. However, Evelista’s legs are bowed. This has brought sadness in my life. Her friends laugh at her, and at times she would come home crying. This was really heart-breaking, but being a mother, I encouraged her not to worry. Even though I encouraged her, I never knew where to go or what to do with her condition until one day I met a friend who told me about CURE and what it does. I then decided to bring her here at CURE for help. I am so happy that I was received very well because I was afraid that I would be sent back since I just came straight without being referred by any hospital. My heart is now at peace knowing that I’m at the right place where my daughter will be healed and will no longer be laughed at. I have a great confidence in me that the devil will be put to shame because after operation, I know my child will be normal like any other person. I can say this because I have seen more conditions worse than my daughter’s being treated here at CURE and I don’t see any reason why my own should be different. Above all, I am so glad and happy with the doctor’s kindness, love, care and respect they have. I have never seen such doctors in many of the hospitals here. It’s my prayer that they will continue being so loving and caring because these are the most important things that patients wish to receive from people around them and it’s helpful in speeding up their recovery. May the good Lord bless CURE hospital with all that it needs to keep on providing free services to our poor children,” Elita, Evelista’s mother said with gratitude.







Photo Gallery of Evelista’s Journey