January 2022 Photos

CURE Ethiopia

Photos by Nahom Gezahegn

Spiritual staff member Teddy giving an Amharic Audio Bible to a patient.
Anesthesiologist Dr. Tirunesh hard at work making sure patients have a safe surgery.
Pediatrician Dr. Yodit checking on her patient during follow-up.
Orthopedic Surgeon Dr. Nardos and OR Nurse Etagegnehu performing surgery to correct Geleta’s right leg condition.

CURE Kenya

Photos by Elvis Lemaiyan

CURE Malawi

Photos by Thandizo Dzimbiri

Moses and his bestie stand shoulder to shoulder as the two share a lot in common.
CURE Malawi Spiritual Theme unveiling by Elly, handed a pair of scissors by Mada.
Loreen and her mother Catherine, join CURE Malawi hospital to receive surgery!

CURE Niger

Photos by Alina Farcas

Children gathering in support of their friends
Photo of the CURE International Canada

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