February 2022 Photos


Doctors Bill, Micah, and Elsa work together on correcting Freza Mae’s clubfoot!
Executive Director Peter hands out wooden toy cars given by generous partners to our patients.

Photos by Ella Marielle Cabanilla Abadesco


Nathan doing his job, “I am co working with God,” He told us.
Cynthia waiting for her physiotherapy session. Her brain is recovering well.

Photos by Brian Odwar


Dr. Lastroni talking to Dr. Rick our CURE international medical director, during a ward round.
Plasdus had severe bowed leg but he was treated and he is fine now. Plasdus posing for a picture with his friends at his home. He was so excited to see us as we went for a home visit.

Photos by Kafwa Sichilima


Djouneydou (left) is extremely concentrated on creating a nice turtle during our Art therapy.
Amorth is cheering up her older sister before going to the surgery room. Soon it will be his turn for another round of surgery.

Photos by Alina Farcas

Photo of the CURE International Canada

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