March 2022 Photos

CURE Ethiopia

Dr. Julie Stebbins, a visiting Clinical Scientist from Oxford University Hospital, in the CURE Ethiopia gait lab putting sensors on Arsemawit’s legs for gait analysis.
“She looks so different now!” Gebrela’s mom, Nurit, exclaimed while looking at her daughter’s treated lip for the first time.

Photos by Nahom Gezahegn

CURE Kenya

Dennis (far left) and Gladys (girl in the middle) together with their care givers  were elated to have completed the Lemur Puzzle perfectly!
Pst. Phoebe shared an audio bible with Landon’s mom who understands mostly swahili. The audio bibles come in both English and Swahili languages!

Photos by Elvis Lemaiyan

CURE Malawi

Marita, the mother reads her Bible after receiving it!
Yeremiya a joyful boy. Yeremiya goes home this week with a smile and hope in his heart.

Photos by Thandizo Dzimbiri

CURE Niger

“We can do it! We can build a boat like the one in the drawing!” said Ibrahim (Communication) to Maliki. The little one is loving the idea:)
Abel got surprised by Ramatou! “I ate a big, full, spicy plate!” she said.

Photos by Alina Farcas

Photo of the CURE International Canada

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