February 2023 Photos


Photos by Ella Marielle Cabanilla Abadesco

Mommy Irisha is excited for Baby Ayesha’s healing!

Jenelyn is excited to start her healing journey at Tebow CURE Hospital.

Rizalmol is grateful for the well-messages she received as Child Mentor Sharyl reads it to her.


Photos by Kafwa Sichilima

Children’s ward has new colors and the kids love it.

Victor smiles for our storyteller as he has been discharged and he is ready to go home.

Kids in the playroom create a poster to welcome Dr. Meredith Workman and her family. The doctor is CURE Zambia’s new addition and she takes up the role of plastic surgeon.


Quest Africa team having a chat with one of the patients

Patients, Parents and Caregivers singing and praising God during a service at the chapel

Photo of the CURE International Canada

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