The Doctor Is In: Dr. Moyo’s Live Webinar on Transforming Children with Clubfoot

Dr. Cyril Ilho Moyo says that in the villages of Africa, “running is life.” It’s how kids get to school, how they gather food and water for their families, how they survive.

He’s seen firsthand the devastation that comes when a treatable disability like clubfoot gets in the way of that.

As one of CURE’s leading pediatric surgeons who treats hundreds of children every year, he also sees firsthand the incredible transformation orthopedic surgery brings to children with conditions like clubfoot, bowed legs, and knock knees. Now, you can too!

In this live webinar, Dr. Moyo explains his surgical process and shares some of the most incredible CUREkid before/after transformations you will ever see!

Photo of the CURE International Canada

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