August 2023 Photos


Photos by Ella Marielle Cabanilla Abadesco

CUREkid Claire’s post surgery casting was removed and she transitioned to wearing a brace

CUREkid John Carlo is in the recovery room with his father after the success of his clubfoot surgery

Tebow CURE Children’s Hospital Executive Director Peter Cowles celebrated his birthday and treated patients and staff to free ice cream

Yza is back for a follow-up and she is all set to move forward to the next step of her clubfoot treatment which is surgery


Photos by Kafwa Sichilima

Lillian our child mentor is impressed with Miracle’s painting.

Honest smiles for the camera as he enjoys the ride on the wheelchair.

Lillian from the spiritual team takes time to play with the kids as the await to go to O.R.

Dr. Lastroni takes the time to hang out with Catherine after discharging her.


Photos by Nahom Gezahegn

Child Mentor Nomazwe helps Lilly draw a picture of herself

Ishan smiling in the ward

Our Comms Officer shares the Jesus Story with Theophilus

Theophilus plays the Doctor with Elliot

Photo of the CURE International Canada

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