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Martena is three years old. She and her brother, Gerges, have suffered from cerebral palsy since the day they were born. As a result, their legs have not developed normally, making it difficult or impossible to walk. Their father is a poor carpenter in Cairo, and their mother stays home to take care of Martena and her brother.

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Gerges, left, and Martena

Martena’s mother always blamed God for giving her two disabled children. She went to many doctors to seek help for her children, but they were never able to afford surgery because they were so poor.

Someone told them about the CURE program in Egypt. In the beginning, Martena’s mother did not believe that CURE would help both of her children. She asked us, “Why would you do that? Why does CURE help children for free and offer them love and care?” We told her that we do it to proclaim the name of Jesus and to follow His model when He helped the sick.


Martena underwent surgery and is having physiotherapy on a regular basis. This experience made the family feel the presence of Jesus Christ. Martena’s mother told us that she regrets every moment she blamed God because He is so kind and guided her to find CURE.

The success of Martena’s surgery made the family ask for surgery for Gerges, Martena’s brother. His surgery was successful as well.

Martena and Gerges’ mother said that she will not be afraid of sickness, or the unknowns of the future because she feels that her name is printed on His palms: the One who wounds, but He binds up. He shatters, but His hands heal.

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Photo of the CURE International Canada

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