What they found in the dirt

A friend of mine sent me a video the other day, and I almost couldn’t believe what I was seeing.

You can see it for yourself, but if you don’t want to watch it, I’ll tell you: it’s a group of people who find something sticking out of the ground—a newborn baby’s foot—and they dig her out.


She’s alive! She’s crying. And as they pull her out of the earth, it’s apparent: she has clubfoot.

So many people are treated this way, so many discarded, because they are born with a disability—even one that’s easily corrected. They’re abandoned, they’re placed in rivers, they’re left exposed to the elements.

But please think about this, as you watch the video: That little one you see? God sees her, too. He identifies with the smallest, the weakest, and the unwanted.

He wants to heal, and that’s why CURE exists, and that’s why we’re so glad you’re a part of this. Because of God working through you, CURE is one of the global leaders in treating clubfoot. We want these kids to run and play!

When I see a video like this, I’m saddened, but I’m also so very, very thankful. Because when I hear that tiny girl’s cry, I’m reminded I worship a God who hears her cry, too.

And make no mistake: He is on her side.

P.S. The little girl was taken to the hospital, where they named her “Dharitri,” which means “earth.” CURE is hoping we can treat her at a clubfoot clinic soon! Please pray for her. Her story is just being written.

Photo of the CURE International Canada

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