All women in India ensured access to treatment for clubfoot in their new-borns

CURE and RemitRadar, supported by Bharti AXA General Insurance and a leading global reinsurer, sign Letter of Intent for unique partnership to end clubfoot deformity in India

New Delhi, India—November 1, 2017—CURE International, a global leader in the treatment of clubfoot, and their partner, CURE International India Trust (CURE India), together with RemitRadar and supported by Bharti AXA General Insurance and a top-tier global reinsurer, have a signed a Letter of Intent for a unique partnership. The parties desire to work together to create a “no cost to beneficiary“ insurance policy to all expectant mothers in India that ensures their children are able to access treatment for the clubfoot deformity. This 10-year program ensures all new-born children in India access to quality clubfoot treatment.

What is clubfoot?
Clubfoot, the most common musculoskeletal birth defect in the world, is a deformity that severely twists the foot downward and inward, making walking difficult or impossible. While it cannot be prevented, it can be corrected, and the treatment is inexpensive. CURE India is specifically focused on ensuring the end of the disability of clubfoot in partnership with state governments in India. Launched in 2009, CURE India now has more than 210 clubfoot partner treatment clinics, with at least two clinics in every state in India, and has enrolled nearly 40,000 children since inception.

Every year in India more than 30 million women will become pregnant, and approximately one out of every 800 will give birth to a child with clubfoot. Having a child born with clubfoot brings stigma, discrimination, and lack of opportunities. Unfortunately, many simply do not know that treatment is available and accessible for their children. Within India, many believe their child was born with polio and cannot be treated. Thankfully, that is not the case and treatment is now available throughout the country.

CURE International has been able to serve over 102,000 children born with clubfoot globally and nearly 40,000 of those have been in India. With approximately 90 children being born every day in India with clubfoot, there is an enormous population who are seeking care. If care is not found early, treatment becomes more difficult and more costly both to the family and on society.

With this insurance platform, CURE International India Trust can work with the Indian government to help train providers in the Ponseti method of treatment, help manage the clubfoot clinics, and encourage and support families as they access treatment and complete the process. CURE also provides a 24-hour help line and raises awareness that clubfoot can be treated.

This endeavour is the first of its kind and sets to revolutionize the support and accountability provided as part of the push toward the goal of ending the disability of clubfoot by 2030.
The parties look for this relationship to develop long-term, expanding beyond India to countries where there is currently no evidence of the minimally-invasive Ponseti method of clubfoot treatment available.


About CURE International India Trust (CIIT)
CURE International India Trust, a National Voluntary Organization, is working towards the eradication of disability caused by clubfoot in India. Registered as a Public Charitable Trust in 2009, CIIT, in partnership with the government of India, has expanded clubfoot services to 29 states, with more than 200 individual weekly clinics and over 40,000 children enrolled. For more information, visit

About CURE International Inc.
CURE International is a health care network that operates charitable hospitals and programs in 29 countries worldwide where children and families burdened with surgically correctable conditions experience life-changing hope and compassionate care regardless of gender, religion, or ethnicity. For more information, visit

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