Chance meeting means healing for Gali

“His father wants nothing to do with him because of his condition,” Gali’s mother tells us, her voice heavy with sadness. “[Gali’s father] will not give money for food or for clothes or to help Gali in any way.”

Gali, before surgery

Since Gali was five years old, his legs have splayed out due to a severe leg deformity. Gali struggles to walk, even with the assistance of a sturdy tree branch he has fashioned into a cane. Besides the discrimination he faces in his own family, Gali has also been beaten by several men in his village, and many parents forbid their children from playing with Gali for fear that they will be infected with his disability. This is heart wrenching for a gentle and loving young man like Gali.

Thankfully, Gali’s uncle struck up a chance friendship with one of our employees at CURE Niger and ecstatically passed our message of hope on to his nephew. Gali and his mother decided to make the journey to our hospital in Niamey, where he will receive the healing he needs to stand tall on straight legs!

after first surgery

Gali has had one surgery so far. It was long and complicated, but the operation was a success. Our team of doctors had to completely sever some of the bones in his legs, change the angle at which they connect, and then reattach them. His healing process will take some time, but we are so excited to have Gali with us at CURE Niger. Please join us in praying for Gali as he continues to heal!

Photo of the CURE International Canada

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