CURE International Celebrates 300,000 Completed Surgical Procedures Despite Pandemic

While COVID-19 upended business-as-usual across the globe, CURE International’s free pediatric hospitals have remained in operation throughout the pandemic, allowing them to announce the completion of 300,000 life-changing surgeries in some of the poorest countries in the world.

CURE’s decision to remain fully operational during the pandemic provided hope and healing to thousands of suffering children and their families during this uncertain time.

CUREkids at CURE Kenya helping to celebrate 300,000!

“This major achievement is the result of millions of hours of hard work, thousands of selfless staff and volunteers, dozens of partner organizations, and each individual donor trusting us to make a difference,” said Justin Narducci, President and CEO of CURE International. “We are grateful to treat children and train local physicians who can continue to build the healthcare infrastructure in their respective countries.”

Every month, CURE International completes more than 1,000 pediatric surgical procedures while providing spiritual and emotional care for patients and family members navigating treatment and social stigmas associated with disability.

Founded in 1996 by Sally Harrison and her husband Dr. C. Scott Harrison, a successful orthopedic surgeon and international businessman, CURE has never forgotten its mission statement found in Luke 9:2, “…and he [Jesus] sent them out to proclaim the kingdom of God and to heal the sick.”

The Harrisons originally founded the nonprofit organization to meet the overwhelming need for pediatric orthopedic healthcare in Kenya. In the decades that have followed, CURE has been able to make life-changing differences in the lives of children around the world thanks to the initial vision of the Harrisons and the ongoing generosity of our donors.

Staff members at Tebow CURE Hospital in the Philippines celebrate 300,000

Although CURE International has made a difference for patients through 300,000 surgical procedures, we know this milestone moment can only be the beginning of our story. In just the eight countries where CURE operates, more than 9,000,000 children struggle with disabilities today. The need for additional funding for CURE Children’s hospitals in Africa and the Philippines — funding for equipment, staff, training, facilities, security — has never been greater.

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Photo of the CURE International Canada

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