The CUREkid that melted the heart of the President

On May 14, 2021, the President of the Republic of Zimbabwe, Dr. Emmerson Dambudzo Mnangagwa, paid an official visit to the CURE Children’s Hospital of Zimbabwe to celebrate its grand opening. The President toured the hospital and met many staff and patients — but Kimberly stood out to him.

President Mnangagwa speaks to Kimberly’s mother Bertha while touring the ward at CURE Children’s Hospital of Zimbabwe.

Kimberly was born with two dislocated kneecaps which settled into the sides of her legs as she aged, disfiguring her legs and making independent mobility very difficult. Now seven years old, doctors in Zimbabwe said nothing could be done.

By the grace of God, her mother, Bertha, didn’t give up on her daughter and brought her to CURE Zimbabwe where sponsored treatment was available.

President Mnangagwa met Kimberly while she was recovering from one of her two surgeries to reposition her kneecaps. These procedures would help straighten her legs when she stands, allowing her to walk better, and eventually to run!

Kimberly made such an impression on the President that he tweeted out a message about her:

President Mnangagwa’s tweet about meeting Kimberly

Kimberly received both her surgeries at CURE Zimbabwe and is well on her way to recovery. However, she is one of the fortunate ones: thousands of children in Zimbabwe suffer every day from lack of access to specialized surgery in the region’s underdeveloped medical system. Kimberly has been used by God to put a “face” on the massive problem that plagues sub-Saharan Africa.

“Before Kimberly went to CURE, I had sleepless nights praying for her to be healed! Now I look at her and I see the hand of God so strong on her life! We are all amazed at how God has brought healing and how CURE has helped my great-granddaughter,” Kimberly’s great -grandmother expressed.

Photo of the CURE International Canada

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