Celebrating One Year of Service to the Children of Zimbabwe!

A year ago, children in Zimbabwe who needed orthopedic surgery could only dream. A year later, it has become reality for hundreds.

Like many of its patients, CURE Children’s Hospital of Zimbabwe is young and filled with potential. By all measures, CURE’s newest hospital — and the country’s first and only pediatric orthopedic hospital — has far exceeded expectations for its first full year in operation.

From its opening in May 2021 to today, CURE Zimbabwe has:

  • Completed 2,389 outpatient visits
  • Performed 578 surgical procedures
  • Admitted 371 new patients 
  • Shared the love of Christ with nearly 3,000 people
  • Provided 38 training events for healthcare professionals

Last May, the hospital held a grand opening celebration where the guest of honor, Dr. E.D. Mnangagwa, President of the Republic of Zimbabwe, expressed his and his ministry’s support for the hospital.

“The provision of free surgeries to children with correctable disabilities enhances access to specialized medical healthcare. Furthermore, evangelism and counseling services will attend to the spiritual needs of patients and their guardians. These interventions help fight stigma and discrimination while restoring a sense of dignity and inclusion for beneficiaries of the facility.” — President Mnangagwa.

Since then, the hospital has proven its ability to strengthen the country’s healthcare system by training healthcare professionals, expanding to meet local healthcare needs through partnerships and facility improvements, and making history by attracting world-class talent who will heal thousands of children for years to come.

Dr. Tongai Chitsamatanga works to correct a child’s clubfoot in the operating room at CURE Children’s Hospital of Zimbabwe

“I am amazed by how quickly the hospital has been able to establish itself as a beacon of hope and healing in this country,” said Jonathan Simpson, Executive Director of CURE Children’s Hospital of Zimbabwe. “Every day we see God’s grace on display in the work of our staff. Everyone has a role to play in healing the children.”

In its second year, the hospital plans to open an additional children’s ward and expand its services to include care for children with untreated burns and cleft lip/palate. CURE International is confident that the young hospital’s best years are still ahead thanks to donors and supporters such as yourself who make this life-changing work possible. 

Happy first birthday, CURE Children’s Hospital of Zimbabwe! 

Photo of the CURE International Canada

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