From Pain to Peace Because of You

Mgwayisi before her life-changing surgery at CURE Malawi.

No child should have to drop out of school because of a painful, debilitating condition that is treatable.

Yet, that is the decision Mgwayisi in Malawi was forced to make. She dropped out of school in fourth grade because she could no longer bear the pain – and the shame – caused by a protruding bone in her right leg.

As a vigorous eight-year-old girl, Mgwayisi loved to climb trees. One day she fell hard and broke her shinbone, which caused her right leg to swell and become deformed. Soon the fracture became a severe orthopedic problem.

Mgwayisi’s family sought medical help from many hospitals and clinics, but the treatments only provided temporary relief. “The doctors cast my leg, and there was a little improvement, but a few days later, my leg was swelling up again with so much pain,” Mgwayisi recalled.

The emotional stress was just as overwhelming. Mgwayisi began feeling sorry for herself for quitting school and being away from friends. “Life was painful,” she said.

Hope does not disappoint

It was through friends that Mgwayisi’s parents learned about CURE Malawi. They also found out that a CURE mobile clinic was coming to their district hospital to see children with disabilities and identify the ones who could be treated with surgery at CURE Malawi.

Due to past experiences with many hospitals, Mgwayisi didn’t expect much from the CURE mobile clinic. But when she walked into the room to meet the doctors, Mgwayisi said she instantly felt a difference, and she began to hope again.

Generous donors like you made it possible for Mgwayisi to have her first operation at CURE Malawi in October 2019. It took the surgeons six hours to cut Mgwayisi’s bone, realign it, and stabilize it with a metal frame which would correct the broken bone over time.

Your generosity means a hopeful journey begins! Dr. Nicholas Lubega checks Mywayisi’s brace and progress after her surgery.

Mgwayisi’s healing journey was slow but sure, involving many prayers, physical therapy sessions, frame adjustments, and additional corrective treatments. But it also saw Mgwayisi become more social, making more friends and discovering new passions. She even took advantage of the times she was at the hospital to improve her reading and writing skills.

In addition to providing world-class medical care, each CURE hospital has a team dedicated to providing compassionate care to patients and their families–sharing the good news of Jesus Christ in both word and deed.

Maya from the spiritual team prays with Mgwayisi and her mother. This is just one way the CURE team demonstrates God’s love.

Tangible miracle

By the end of March 2020, Mgwayisi’s leg had healed enough that she could go back to school and help around the house. Four months later, she was already walking without crutches. Since her time at CURE, Mgwayisi has also grown closer to God. Her mother, Tinda, couldn’t help but give praise to God for the physical healing and spiritual transformation.

“I believe this was a miracle!” exclaimed Tinda. “I have found peace now.”

On January 25, 2021, the doctors successfully removed Mgwayisi’s metal frame, enabling her to walk pain-free for the first time. Finally, her bone was healed!

Your gifts make pictures like this possible! Mgwayisi (pictured at the front) is back home with her family, able to help around the house, tend the garden, and go to school.

Mgwayisi said, “prayers helped a lot” with how fast she healed. “My family is filled with gladness because of my healing,” she added. “I tell everyone I meet about CURE Malawi.”

Now in seventh grade, Mgwayisi works hard to finish primary school and move closer to her dream of becoming a doctor – undoubtedly inspired by the surgeons and medical staff at CURE Malawi.

“CURE has become more like my home and family,” Mgwayisi stated.“The love, prayers, friendship, and education I have received will ever be remembered. I am a new person. To God be all the glory!”

Thank you for your prayers and support that changes lives like Mgwayisi’s!

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