May 2022 Photos

CURE Ethiopia

Meriyem came to CURE Ethiopia for a check-up last week, and we just had to snap a photo of her in front of the foundation stone.
Before Sofonias set sail for home, CURE Counseling Staff member Chaltu stopped by his bed to give him a CURE Care Kit and wish him continued healing at home.

Photos by Nahom Gezahegn

CURE Kenya

Dr. Evelyn our new ED and Fiona a programs manager at CURE Kenya enjoying the view after a long day of home visits!
Dr. Evelyn was gifted a chicken by one of the parents whose home we visited this week!

Photos by Elvis Lemaiyan

CURE Malawi

Chisomo, just arrived at. CURE Malawi to receive her clubfoot treatment! Happy and free!
Healing that Changes Everything in McDonald’s life! New legs, new smiles!

Photos by Thandizo Dzimbiri

CURE Niger

Dr.Uli and her medical team are praying for the patient before starting the surgery.
Our colleague Biba (Spiritual Department) is cheering our little patient Aliou!

Photos by Alina Farcas

Photo of the CURE International Canada

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