August 2022 Photos


Photos by Ella Marielle Cabanilla Abadesco

Angela reads “The Greatest Story Ever told” while waiting for her turn to be seen at the outpatient clinic.
We had a sweet reunion with twins Janna (left) and Jea (right) who are now fully healed! Their bowed legs were corrected last 2016 and they are now standing tall thanks to your support and prayers!


Photos by Kafwa Sichilima

Danny looks, in amazement, at a photo of himself before any surgery whatsoever. It’s now been six months since he received his first surgery for bow legs and he is doing great! Running around on two straight legs.
We went out on a home visit to see David who has recovered very well from knocked knees and is able to run and play football.
Stephen hangs out in the ward as he waits his turn to go into the OR.


Photos by Nahom Gezahegn

Child Mentor Temesgen sticking the children’s prayer requests to the prayer request wall.
Meet four-year-old Firaol! He’s here at CURE Ethiopia to receive treatment for his bilateral knock-knee condition.
Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeon Dr. Tesfaye and OR Nurse Mekdes performing Eyasu’s right hand burn contracture release surgery.
Photo of the CURE International Canada

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