Clayton Kershaw visits CURE Dominican Republic

Imagine being a boy in the Dominican Republic – a culture that is all about baseball. You are in the hospital after breaking your ankle in a heroic slide to third base, and a group of visitors comes in to cheer you up as you recover. While talking with them, they ask who your favorite baseball player is. Your answer is Clayton Kershaw, of course – the Dodgers star pitcher, current Cy Young award winner, and NL MVP.

Then imagine your surprise when you find that you are talking to none other than Clayton Kershaw himself, alongside catcher A.J. Ellis, Dodgers strength coach Brandon McDaniel, and pastor and friend Brandon Cash.


Such was the case for Franny, the young man pictured above with A.J. (left) and Clayton (right), on Tuesday at CURE Dominican Republic.

We were honored to have Clayton, A.J., Brandon, and Brandon in for a visit to the Dominican Republic. From attending devotions to spending time with kids preparing for and recovering from surgery – as well as witnessing a surgery – to visiting the home of a child who had been healed at CURE, the group was able to see a wide range of what CURE does on a daily basis. It was encouraging for us to hear that throughout the course of the day, they saw the gospel being expressed through the work of CURE.


Clayton at CURE’s morning devotions with (from left to right) Spiritual Director Elba Lopez, CURE President & CEO Dale Brantner, and Pastor Kendar.

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A.J., Clayton, and Brandon Cash pray with a patient before surgery.

Kershaw_at_CURE_DR_IMG_9542 Kershaw_at_CURE_DR_IMG_9673 Kershaw_at_CURE_DR_IMG_9578

Brandon McDaniel, Clayton, A.J., and Brandon Cash observe a surgery. 


Clayton at Kenia’s home during a visit to meet her family. 


A.J. and Clayton sit with Isai, Kenia’s son, who found healing for clubfoot at CURE Dominican Republic.

This wasn’t Clayton’s first visit to a CURE hospital. He and his wife Ellen have visited CURE Zambia and support CURE’s work there through their foundation, Kershaw’s Challenge. You can learn more about our partnership with Kershaw’s Challenge and help them reach their goal of fundraising for 50 orthopedic and 50 neurological surgeries in 2014 by visiting

Photo of the CURE International Canada

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