Hooke’s Updates


Hooke has recovered well from his operation yesterday and has already been discharged since it was such a small procedure! He’ll leave back to Mozambique early tomorrow morning, but couldn’t be more excited to go home. Before leaving, he’ll have one last physical therapy session this afternoon to get mobilized and ready to go. Thanks for keeping Hooke in your prayers. He’ll be back again for review in early March!


Hooke is here! He came into the hospital yesterday evening with a bunch of his CURE friends from Mozambique. They all traveled together and it was great for him to have friends he could speak Portuguese with. Hooke is having an operation today where the doctors will be removing his 2-hole plate from his right leg. Please keep him in your prayers while he undergoes surgery!


Hooke has been discharged! The physical therapy team sent him home walking on crutches, but before he left, he made a quick stop in front of the television to catch up on his Jesus cartoons. He’s been encouraged to exercise his legs as much as possible while he’s away and we can’t wait until we see him again for review! Thanks for loving on sweet Hooke and please continue to keep him in your prayers while he heals at home!

Photo of the CURE International Canada

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